Unique Perspective


Unique Perspective

aretē / ä-re-tā' / ἀρετή

Virtue, goodness, and human excellence; the source of absolute value.

In its basic sense, aretē excellence of any kind. In its earliest appearance in Greek, this notion of excellence was ultimately bound up with the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function: the act of living up to one's full potential.

It was commonly believed that the mind, body, and soul each had to be developed and prepared for a person to live a life of aretē. This led to the thought that athletics had to be present in order to obtain aretē. They did not need to consume one's life, merely exercise the body into the right condition for aretē, just like the mind and soul would be exercised by other means.

What is coaching?

First, let’s start with what coaching is not. It is not psychotherapy, counseling, teaching, consulting or mentoring. Each of these is important in its own right, but they are all distinctly different from coaching. Although coaching can borrow bits and pieces from each.

'‘Coaching is a practice that specializes in changing awareness, action, and the world around us.”

Coaching with the Brain in Mind, by David Rock and Linda J. Page

Consider coaching a process of coevolution. It is a partnership and collaborative effort. Coaches are specially trained to listen and ask good questions, tailoring their approach to the individual clients needs.

Using a fighter pilot metaphor, the client will take the lead, and the coach serves as the wingman. Ever present off her wing, in formation, ready when needed. The lead pilot sets the course, the wingman is available for support. In this way, the client is empowered to make decisions, fly the airplane, and take responsibility for their journey, and the actions required to drive personal change.

The mission of the coach is to help the client discover, and bring to light, the greatness (aretē) existing in each of us. Each of us is capable of so much more than we think we are. Our limits are oftentimes created in our minds. By changing our mindset, we can discover exactly what we are capable of and achieve the success we’ve always dreamed of.

What is performance coaching?

As the title implies, performance coaching is a model to help you achieve your personal best in whatever arena is important to you. In your career, as an athlete, first responder, aviator, or just to simply be a better citizen of the world, friend, sibling, lover. Typically, aretē in one area spreads to many other areas of your life. We will work together to dismantle mental barriers to performance. We do this by utilizing the GROW model, created by Sir John Whitmore.

What is mental toughness?

Mental toughness is a moderately plastic personality trait which determines in large part how individuals respond mentally to stress, pressure, opportunity and challenge. Mental toughness is a skillset of Leadership development, rooted firmly in Psychology and Neuroscience.

Research shows that Mental Toughness scores correlate closely with performance, well-being, positive behavior and aspirations. As a concept, it embraces other well-known concepts and ideas such as resiliency, grit, growth mindset, emotional intelligence, learned optimism, as well as most definitions of character (ethos).

Using the 4 C’s model developed by Psychologist Peter Clough, we can provide a structure to work with. The 4 C’s correspond to: Commitment, Challenge, Control, and Confidence. Each one of these is further divided into two subscales for a total of 8 measures. The MTQ assessment from AQR International is a useful psychometric tool to measure this personality trait.

My Mission

A lifelong pursuit of aretē for myself and to provide great value to those that I serve. To utilize my knowledge, wisdom and experience to help my clients and students unleash their inner warrior, find their path, and live their best life.

war·rior / wär-yər /

A person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or assertiveness, as in politics, business, leadership or athletics.

met·tle / ˈmedl /

A person's ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.

“For the Stoics, aretē is absolute value, based no longer on warrior nobility, but on the nobility of the soul represented by the purity of our intentions.”

-Pierre Hadot