Ron Duren, Jr is a performance coach and Professor of Leadership and Management at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is a certified business coach and trainer, specializing in Leadership development and the 4 C’s model of mental toughness.

Adding to his diverse background, he is an Ironman triathlete, ultrarunner, aerobatic pilot, inspirational speaker and writer.

He spent five grueling years building an award winning aerobatic airplane, was the test pilot for its maiden voyage, and now flies it all over the United States. 

In a former life, he was a semi-professional baseball player and a rodeo bull rider. As you can imagine, this brings a unique perspective to his views regarding high pressure situations.

He is an ardent student of the ancient philosophy of Stoicism and utilizes it as his personal philosophy of life as well as his pursuit of Aretē (excellence).

Ron believes, to excel in any endeavor, we must first learn to harness the power of our mind. He firmly maintains that mindset, attitude and effort carry the day. Talent is vastly overrated.

He calls Broomfield, Colorado, at the foot of the majestic Rockies and Boulder Flatirons, his home base. Along with his trusty Husky, Laika, he enjoys the Rocky Mountains as his backyard playground.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Engineering Management, both from beautiful University of Colorado. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and committee chair for Leadership and Ethics at the University.

Ron’s coaching philosophy centers on hard science and good data in the form of “brain-based coaching.” He knows firsthand the allure, and ultimate trap, of taking shortcuts and looking for the easy path.

His mantra is now, “do hard things.” He lives this mantra, every day. This is the key to discovering and then redefining our limitations. The sky is the limit, we are all capable of much more than we think we are. Let Ron be your guide, as he has walked this path, and can show you the way.

You can learn more about Ron’s story in this interview

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all
— Helen Keller