Speaking Topics

Ron brings unique real-world experience of high pressure situations. As an aerobatic pilot, former bull rider and semi-professional baseball player, he has intimate knowledge of the primal force of fear. His engaging stories will bring the lessons to life.  His study of Stoic philosophy informs his Leadership style and philosophy of life. Additionally, Leadership topics tailored to your audience, are available upon request.


High pressure performance

We call them heroes, those that are unflappable when the pressure is on and all eyes are upon them. This heroic ability is within the grasp of all of us with the proper awareness, training and practice. I'll show you the way.


Stoicism and modern leadership

Combining a powerful mix of ancient philosophical wisdom from the Roman Empire and the science of modern psychotherapy, we explore how Stoicism can guide and inform our modern day leadership.


using stress as a catalyst for growth

The headlines will tell you all stress is harmful and should be avoided. There is such thing as "good" stress, referred to as eustress.  Research data shows that its all a matter of perspective. Let's explore this fascinating paradigm shift.